Bodegas Campo Viejo


Promote, develop and position Logroño as an international, sustainable and quality wine tourism destination, as well as promoting the culture of wine.


To be the leading international winery association in the creation of touristic products and promotional actions that guarantee the development and international positioning of Logroño as a destination.



The members of the General Assembly, the members of the Management Board and all the members of the Logroño Winery Association shall abide by this Code of Conduct.

Quality and pursuit of excellence

Every associated winery undertakes to ensure the search for excellence in all their processes, both those related to winemaking and the provision of wine tourism services. They will work and demand compliance with the highest standards in terms of quality of their wines and tourist services, image, design and innovation.

Creativity and Identity

Every associated winery must have its identity clearly perceived both in terms of its wines and its wine tourism offer. Each winery brand must be identified as unique and the design of its advertising creativities must be the result of a serious and respectful process with the rest of the associated wineries.

Distribution/Selective Channels

Associated wineries must follow distribution channels for their wines with selective criteria. Likewise, all wineries undertake to ensure the marketing of their wine tourism services guaranteeing quality and sustainable tourism to the destination.

International Vocation

Every associated winery must have an international reputation or the intention to promote their wines and their wine tourism services in international channels in order to improve the international position of Logroño wines and also Logroño as a wine tourism destination.


Every associated winery undertakes to ensure the unity and defense of the association and its values, as well as the joint search for synergies with other tourism agents and businesses in general that might help the tourist positioning of Logroño and Bodegas de Logroño wines in the city’s hotels and restaurants.