Bodegas Campo Viejo

If you are considering making a visit to one of the Rioja wineries, don’t miss the chance to see Bodegas Ontañón and its Temple of Wine.

It is one of the most special bodegas in the appellation and can be found near the centre of Logroño.

Various different ways to learn about and to enjoy the wines under the vigilant eyes of gods and mythical heroes.

Bodegas Ontañón is not just a winery that makes and ages wines, it is a special place where, watched over by gods and heroes in the form of huge sculptures, stained glass windows and paintings, the wine achieves its maximum expression. The Pérez Cuevas has been involved with wine for over 80 years. At that time they were making it in a small hermit’s cave type of winery in the Bodega Quarter of Quel, following a tradition dating back over 300 years. With time, they felt the need to share their Worship of Wine with the rest of the world and so they founded the first Temple of Wine in Logroño.

Ontañón offers an enjoyable guided tour of the vats, barrels and bottle cellar, finishing up in the Wine Bar “La Sacristía” where you can taste the wines and some delicious tapas. All with a protected designation of origin!

In addition, the Temple of Wine is available for holding all kinds of celebrations and events for groups. Just a stone’s throw from the centre of Logroño, it allows us to offer unique experiences for groups of all sizes, staying in the Rioja capital.

Our distinctive setting defined by the Worship of Wine, also enjoys a large outdoor space, the Patio de los Olivos, occupying a surface area of over 1,500 square metres.

In Ontañón you can enjoy different types of tastings and customised activities, as well as gastronomic experiences adapted according to the group and the aims of the company.

Bodegas Ontañón


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